Mechatronics – Research Publications

Department of Mechatronics
1 Srinivasan A., Vinoth N., Kamalesh P., Anoop A.K. 2020 “Human finger vein extraction and authentication for ATM system” International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
2 Vinoth N., Mohanavel V.2020, “ Analysis and comparison of aluminium matrix composite in pressure vessel” International Journal on Emerging Technologies”, 10.1016/bs.coac.2020.08.009
3 Kumar, N.M., Prabaharan, N Jerin, A.R.A., Jayakumar, A.2019, “ Impact of performance degradation and capital subsidy on the revenue of rooftop PV system”, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
4 Gangwar P., Kumar N.M., Singh A.K., Jayakumar A., Mathew M.2019, “ Solar photovoltaic tree and its end-of-life management using thermal and chemical treatments for material recovery” , Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 10.1016/j.csite.2019.100474
5  Jayakumar A.2019, “A comprehensive assessment on the durability of gas diffusion electrode materials in PEM fuel cell stack”, Frontiers in Energy, 10.1007/s11708-019-0618-y
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