Grievances and Redressal Committee


  • The “Grievances and Redressal committee”shall consider only an individual grievances of specific nature of staff and student related issues raised by an individual..
  • The “Grievances and Redressal committee”shall not consider any grievances of general applicability issues of more than one employee/student..
  • The “Grievances and Redressal committee” should review the application of complaint /Redressal to be resolved. Based on the severity of the issue, the further discussions are carried out by the committee.
  • After receiving any application the Committee will decide on the merit of case regarding scope of further discussion.

Procedure, Periodicity and Attendance at Meetings

“Grievances and Redressal committee” will meet as and when it is required.

  • The Grievance Committee will meet as and when required. However, if necessary, it may meet more frequently at the instance of the Chairman or at the request of the other members to discuss the various issues received.
  • At least three members of the Grievance Committee shall be present in a meeting.
  • If a member of the Grievance Committee is connected with the grievance of the aggrieved individual, the concerned member of the Grievance Committee shall not participate in the deliberations regarding that individual’s case.
  • If the aggrieved person happens to be a member of the Grievance Committee, then he/she shall not participate in the deliberations as a member of the Committee when his/her representation is being considered.
S.No Name Position Contact No / Email Id
1 Dr.A.Ramesh
Chairman [email protected]
2 Dr. R.Menaka
Professor & Head / ECE
Senior Member [email protected]
3 Mr.R.Ramesh
Associate Professor / Civil
Member [email protected]
4 Ms. S. Pavithra
Assistant Professor / CSE
Member [email protected]
5 Ms. J. Poornima
Assistant Professor / EEE
Member [email protected]
98840 71434
6 Ms. S. Malarselvi
Science & Humanities
Member [email protected]
97885 24400
7 Mr.M.Yaswanth
IV Year, ECE
Student Member [email protected]
80084 51535
8 Ms.S.Kebisha Bright
Student Member [email protected]
78239 20190
9 Mr.P.Vasanth
II Year, CSE
Student Member [email protected]
90803 38368
10 Ms.M.Swapna Sai
III Year, Mech
Student Member [email protected]
73387 04566

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