Sports and Games Facilities

The College provides ample facilities for the students to participate in sports and games in College, University, District, State and National levels competitions.  The College also organizes various sports and games in our campus.Outdoor and indoor games facilities are available in the campus are effectively used by the students during and after the college hours. The college has systematized CIT TROPY in every year and it welcomes many colleges in participating in this event.

The outdoor games activities are Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Ball Badminton and Kabbadi, etc. The indoor games activities are Weight Lifting, Table Tennis, Shuttle, Carrom, Chess, etc.

Gymnasium Facilities:

The college has separate gymnasium facilities spread over 2128 Sq.ffor both boys and girls students.  The gym equipment comprises ofBench Press, Incline Bench Press, Dumbbells, Treadmill, Triceps, Shoulder Press, Biceps curl, Inner and outer thigh Abductor, Seated Chest Press, Butterfly, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Press,Smith machine, Pour station multi function machine, Cable Crossover, Inclined Chest Press, T Bar Row, Kicking Leg Press,Ten pair Dumbbells Rack, Inclined bench,Weight bench,Adjustable Bench,Flat Bench,Weight PlateTree,Vertical Knee Raise, Black fixed Rubber plates, Olympic bar,Hex Rubber Dumbbells, Gym Bar,Cross Trainer (Cycling)

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes are usually conducted in both Outdoor and Indoor regularly.

Facilities for Cultural Activities

The college is hosting cultural event every year called Takshashila, which is a Techno-Cultural Festival and many college are participating in this event. Two Auditoriums are available in our College Campus; the cultural events are conducted in Parthasarathy Auditorium with a seating capacity of 2000 and Kavery auditorium with a seating capacity of 300. Some of the cultural activities events are conducted in open air Auditoriums.

Facilities for Sports, Games, Gymnasium, Yoga and Cultural Activities

S.No Facility Description Number of Courts Area in Sq.f Size Meters Year of Establishment User Rate%
1 Volleyball (Alternatively used) 2 1968 30X20 2016 80
2 Basketball 1 2460 30X25 2015 70
3 Ball-Badminton (Alternatively used) 2 1968 30X20 2016 90
4 Throw ball (Alternatively used) 1 1968 30X20 2016 75
5 Cricket Nets 2 505.12 22X7 2017 90
6 Cricket Grounds 1 47232 70 Circumstances 2013 90
7 Football (Alternatively used) 1 Field 100M x60 2013 85
8 Multi Gym (Modular Gym) 1 2128 2018 85
9 Table Tennis 2 Boards 2016 75
10 Carrom 8 Boards 2016 80
11 Chess 2016 85
12 200 M Standard Track – field 100 X 50 2016 85
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