About Research

Research is vigorous and pioneering, and this creates a stimulating environment for study. CIT attaches great importance to the quality of its learning and teaching. Student learning takes place in a research environment in which students benefit from interaction with researchers who are working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines.

At CIT, the research culture impacts progressively on students. In the early stages, students are given a flavor of the research activities in their subject.

As they progress, students participate increasingly in learning activities which are influenced by staff research and scholarships. Case studies or experiments used in class may be derived from live research projects.

In order to turn the research dreams of students into reality, CIT has established partnerships with a wide range of organizations and industry sectors.


To motivate faculty and students to do research to address the industry and societal problems. To encourage the faculty and students to do the projects in innovative way and find the new technology which leads to the development of entrepreneur or transfer the technology to the industry. The research outcomes may be published in reputed journals or filing patents and IPR.

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