CAIR – Project 1


Title:Secured Mobile App Voting System for Elderly and Non-Participating People

The percentage of voting is coming down every Indian election due to various reasons. Older adults are not coming to the booth for voting. Officers working in the election duty and people staying in other state are also not voting sometimes. It has decreased the voting percentage in every election. On the other hand, people raise questions about the security of the online voting system. This project proposes AADHAR based solutions with deep learning algorithms based solution to solve these problems. It also offers to use of blockchain technology to ensure the highly secured transactions of the system. The main AADHAR based credentials verification involve the verification of face, thump and iris metrics. The design has the OTP (One time Password) System to ensure secured access. Thus, this project will help to increase voter’s participation at a very high level.

Team Members

Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology
Team Leader
Mr.R.Anumesh. R
II Year, IT
Team Member
II Year, IT
Team Member
Ms.S.Sharon Roseline
II year, IT
Team Member


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