Financial Management Club

Our mission is to enhance the educational, social, and professional opportunities of all students with an interest in the field of finance.

The financial management clubs goal is to provide each member with a unique chance to explore the career opportunities currently available in the financial industry. Financial management club strives to enhance and expand each member’s personal network through interactions with today’s financial executives. Our organization hosts speakers from financial sectors such as investment banking, real estate, commercial banking, consulting, and corporate finance.

We undertake opportunities that help build a solid reputation and character for both financial management club and Chennai Institute of technology.

The main purpose / objectives of this club

  • To foster continuous learning and discovery of recent trends and developments in the field of financial managements.
  •  To imbibe the knowledge acquainted through career development programmes and club relationships in financial community.
  •  To motivate the students interested in finance and prepare themselves for finance careers.
  •  To promote the understanding of applied research in practising finance and to enhance the quality of education in finance domain.

Faculty Incharge:
Vijayakumar M D
Email: [email protected]

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