Mobile Apps Club

Mobile Apps Club includes a team of students who offers digital solution for real time problems. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering creates a wide innovative platform to enhance the creativity of the interested students from different departments by hosting mobile applications for specific purpose which can be launched in Website or Google Play Store.

The main purpose / objectives of this club

  • To develop Creative Mobile Apps for real time problems.
  • To provide assistance for Mobile Application developed and launched.
  •  To encourage the students to participate in Mobile Application Development competitions conducted inside and outside the campus.
  • To motivate the students to register the mobile application developed for specific cause and makes them to file patent.
  •  To host Mobile Application in website as well as Google Play store.
  •  To link multiple features such as push notifications, alerts, newsletters, updates, forms, calendars, online registrations and payments in developed mobile applications.

Faculty Incharge:
Madhavan K
Email: [email protected]

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