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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers programmes from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level. These programmes prepare students for careers as systems engineers, research engineers, controls engineers, communication engineers and electronic engineers, as well as researchers and academicians. The programs are rigorous with an emphasis in maths and science.

The major driving force for the present day Information and Communication Technology revolution is the development in Electronics Engineering. The advancements in microelectronics, communication techniques and networks, satellite communication and optical fiber communication have resulted in developing complex electronics devices, circuits and equipments capable of implementing fast and efficient telecommunication systems. Real time transfer of audio and video signals is now possible with recent trends in broad band technologies. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionized other areas like health care, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal and image processing etc

The course also covers the study of Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Principles, Analog and Digital modulation techniques used for communication, equipments and systems involved in Wireless communications, Satellite and Optical communication technologies, Computer communication and Networking, design and development of Microelectronic circuits for computation and processing, components and systems for electronic Instrumentation and Control, hardware and interfacing of computer systems, programming skills and application of computers in signal processing and communication.

Graduates in Electronics and Communication Engineering have opportunities in

  • Government and private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipment’s and systems.
  • Defense, space and other large research organizations employ electronics engineers in design and development of complex devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication.
  • Industries involved in design and fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, embedded systems, electronic equipment’s etc have also provide large scale placements for engineers with this specialization. Installation and maintenance of electronic equipment’s used for health care in hospitals, equipment’s & systems for instrumentation and control in process industries automation systems of assembly line in production industries, etc are also handled by electronics engineers.
  • Knowledge of computer hardware, networking equipment’s and communication systems enables electronics engineering graduate to annex an edge in the IT Industries. The skills and understanding developed in the course enable them to be preferred, as software professionals by IT companies.

The department offers the following courses

4 year Undergraduate Programme B.E – Electronics & Communication Engineering 180 Intake
2 year Postgraduate Programme M.E – Applied Electronics 18 Intake
Ph.D Research

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering exists since from the inception of the institution, in the year 2010

The Department has excellent infrastructure in terms of laboratories, classrooms, seminar hall, Centre of Excellence, etc. The department laboratories are interconnected through a well-designed seamless network with Internet facility with the speed of 155 Mbps to facilitate the student’s access to web resources. This helps the students in meeting the demands of the regular curriculum and latest technology needs. With the co-operation and involvement of the dedicated team of well-qualified faculty members, the department constantly strives to improve its academic standards. Our students involve in developing the solutions for real time industrial problems and participate in national level and international level competitions and brought laurel to the department.

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