Mentor – Mentee System

The Institute is emphasizing towards serving the needs of an ever-changing and lively community. Effective mentoring begins with the faculty and depends on the healthy relationship between faculty and students. Department assigns faculties for providing guidance for each year from admission till the graduation for the same batch and Maintain a brief but clear record of all discussions with students.

The Mentor- Mentee system of Chennai Institute of Technology paves way for the academic mentor to serve knowledgeable and experienced guidance, a trusted ally and a caring role model for their Mentees. The Mentor advices and encourages regarding decisions about classes, majors, academic difficulties, and personal problems.

To maximize the benefits and effectiveness of this mentoring relationship, the Mentors are committed with the Mentees for the complete 4 years of their stay in the Institution they are kept intact even with their career choice. Every footstep of the Mentee is recorded regularly in the Data Book. Each faculty will be the mentor of a group of 15 students. The Mentors faculties will continue to be mentors for the same group of students till their graduation.

Commitment of time that a Mentor spends with Mentees will be at least once in a week, after and prior to every Examination, approach during Competitions, activities for their lively participation. There are real-time challenges that Mentor take with enthusiasm in giving them a solution to pacify their situation. Contact parents/guardians if situation demands about academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and interpersonal relations, detrimental activities etc.

Some folks think that mentor is really just another word for role model. Mentors certainly are expected to be a role model for mentees in a variety of areas, such as relating to peers, work-life balance, and ethics, but merely being a role model does not make you a mentor. Being a mentor means interacting with a mentee and providing support, advice, and feedback to the mentee – in other words, it requires involvement with the mentee.

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