Debate Club

The Debate Club provides a forum through which students can polish their analytical and oratory skills. The ability to understand, analyse and form opinions and express one’s thoughts is an enriching experience and gives unmatched opportunities to fulfill your aspirations. The club organized on-line quiz during Inter-college festivals. A poster competition was also organized. The club proposes to hold workshops on Debating and Oration Skills and prepare students for various debating competitions.

The main purpose / objectives of this club

  • To enhance the oratory and elocution skills of the students.
  •  To train the students to express their thoughts eloquently and confidently
  •  To motivate the critical thinking about primary or social issues around the students.
  •  To help students to increase their interest towards debate and English.
  •  To encourage the opportunities for leadership and group participation activities.
  •  To interact with students from other colleges regarding social and intellectual activities.

Faculty Incharge:
Selvathai Nalan
Email: [email protected]

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