PEGA University Academic Program

PEGA University Academic Program

CIT Chennai – PEGA Centre of Excellence (CoE) was established in association with Virtusa in 2014 then supported by PEGA systems as a Tool Partner. This CoE was unique and first of its kind in the field of Business Process Management(BPM), which later on in 2017 went on to be completely controlled and monitored by PEGA Systems,USA.

With growing technology and automation in the industry processes, organisations look to remain equipped to respond to the business changes. BPM tools plays a major role in the organisation, offering workflow and collaboration, to provide meaningful metrics to business leaders. While the benefit from using BPM tools can be hard to quantify, it can be expressed more effectively in terms of business value. These tools also allow process managers to change and improve the business process whenever possible.

Pega is widely recognised by Industry leaders in the BPM domain, for its robustness, agility and allowing minimal interventions, with support of simulating the scenario and automatic code generation. Being developed on Java Platform, it is treated as one of the best business friendly and “Design once, deploy anywhere” tool.

PEGA has now evolved beyond BPM to AI, RPA and other niche domains with excellent career potential which is benefited to the students to jump start their career by undergoing Pega University Academia Program (UAP). It also improves their problem solving skill equipping them to make sustainable growth in their career and to face dynamic changes in the industry.

With increasing demand of Pega certified professionals and with lot of resources and cost involved in developing resources, the Industry will be highly benefitted by cutting on all those cost involved making the graduates deployable and billable from day one through the UAP program.

The PEGA UAP program is ultimately a win-win scenario for all the stake holders, benefitting PEGA to improve their client service through more certified professionals, industries by efficient resource management, for the students to make an efficient jump start to their career and for the institutions by creating successful alumnus and brand ambassadors.





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