Dance Club

The motto of the Dance Club is to nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the creativity of young minds. It encourages students to participate in various inter and intra college dance competitions. The club is actively involved in organizing various dance competitions in the college. This club makes the students to adapt creative, fun and easy way of learning dance. Dance club keeps the students to be fit, socialise and learning skills through dance. Students participated in other colleges and also brought laurels for the college.

The main purpose / objectives of this club

  • To strengthen the students creative skills in live performance through dance forms.
  •  To enhance the dance talent among the students.
  •  To encourage the students to actively participating in various dance events conducted within the campus and outside the campus.
  •  To showcase the talents of the students in various forms of dance.
  •  To develop a powerful framework that allows the students to become passionate and professional dancers to craft their own professional talents.

Faculty Incharge:
Rajalakshmi R
Email: [email protected]

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