Centre for Sustainable Materials and Surface Metamorphosis (CSMSM)

The Centre for Sustainable Materials and Surface Metamorphosis (CSMSM) serves as a vibrant research hub committed to propelling forward sustainable materials and surface engineering technologies. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, CSMSM cultivates interdisciplinary collaboration and conducts pioneering research to tackle critical challenges in materials science and surface engineering. Backed by cutting-edge facilities and a team of esteemed experts, the centre is dedicated to spearheading sustainable solutions that advance environmental stewardship and enhance societal welfare.


At Centre for Sustainable Materials and Surface Metamorphosis, we aim to pioneer in developing sustainable materials and surface transformation, striving for global leadership in research and education for sustainable technologies.


  • Spearhead groundbreaking research in sustainable materials and surface engineering.
  • Innovate cutting-edge technologies to address global challenges.
  • Nurture aspiring leaders in sustainable materials and surface engineering.
  • Collaborate on educational initiatives and outreach programs.
  • Devise sustainable solutions for resource depletion, environmental deterioration, and climate change.
  • Empower individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Foster a more sustainable and equitable society.

Specific Objectives

  • Progress fundamental research in sustainable materials and surface engineering by delving into innovative materials, coatings, and surface modification techniques.
  • Innovate technologies and methodologies to elevate the sustainability, durability, and performance of materials and surface coatings.
  • Engage in collaborative endeavors with industry partners and stakeholders to translate research discoveries into practical solutions addressing real-world challenges and advancing sustainable development.
  • Educate and mentor the next generation of researchers, engineers, and leaders in sustainable materials and surface engineering through interdisciplinary coursework, hands-on training, and experiential learning opportunities.
  •  Cultivate partnerships and alliances with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and international institutions to facilitate knowledge dissemination, technology exchange, and capacity building in sustainable materials and surface engineering at a global level.
  • Lead Industry 5.0 innovation by blending tech and human-centered approaches. Foster collaboration between automation and humans for sustainable industries. Drive digital transformation and socio-economic progress through research and industry partnerships.
  • Our internship program offers practical learning alongside studies for graduate students, exposing you to ongoing projects and advanced tech. Enhance skills in a dynamic research environment, collaborate, expand networks, and prepare for a successful career.

Thrust Areas

  • Synthesis of  sustainable  materials
  • Sustainable composite structures
  • Bio materials
  • Surface engineering
  • Materials tribology
  • Bio corrosion
  • Parametric optimization of machining
  • Machine leaning
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced Coatings
  • Metal Casting
  • Friction stir processing
  • Filament extrusion
  • Materials testing & characterization
  • Design and optimization
  • Renewable & Sustainable energy

Centre Members

S. No Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. T. Arunkumar Director & Professor (Research)
2. Dr. Hrishikesh Dutta Assistant Professor (Research)
3. Dr. Biplab Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor (Research)
4. Dr. B. Prabhu Associate Professor (Research)
5. Dr. N. Ramasamy Assistant Professor (Research)
6. Dr. Subhankar Saha Assistant Professor (Research)
7. Dr. S. Raja Assistant Professor (Research)
8. Mr. E. Vengadesan Assistant Professor (Research)
9. Mr. P. Vignesh Assistant Professor (Research)
10. Mr. M. Ashokkumar Assistant Professor (Research)


Director, Centre for Sustainable Materials and Surface Metamorphosis (CSMSM)
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Chennai Institute of Technology, Chennai-600069.
Email: [email protected]

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