Photography Club

Photography Club is a team of people who focus to imagine, capture and freeze a moment and create beauty. The club aims to create the opportunities for planning photography adventures or discussing the art form with like-minded friends.

“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.” — Scott Lorenzo

The main purpose / objectives of this club

  • To promote the development of photographic art and technique by providing opportunities for individuals.
  • To provide discussion forums to exchange the ideas and information related to photography with the help of events such as workshops, exhibitions and photography tours.
  • To inspire students to express their thoughts and emotions through art or photography
  • To conduct internal photographic club competitions to encourage the development of production and presentation skills.
  • To encourage the students to transform the technical facts into real-time applications
  • To imbibe photographic skills among the club members and to empower them to become young Short film makers.
  • To discover, develop, edit, deploy and express their creativity in capturing photo & video.
  • To train the students in using Graphics & editing tools and software and this will make them technically competent in the photography world.

Faculty Incharge:
Senthil Kumar. S
Email: [email protected]

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