We in CIT believe in the power of GOD. A three day Maha Kumbabhisegam for “VIDHYA GANAPATHY” temple in Chennai institute of technology Campus started from 2.12.12 to 4.12.12. The whole ceremony took place over three days.

On the first day the gods are invoked, to ask permission to perform the pooja for the Kumbabishekam.

During the second day the spiritual energy is built up in a number of Purna-Kumbhas (the “sacred vessel” or the “pot of bounty,” a pot filled with water and topped with mango leaves and a coconut). The spiritual energy is built up by fire sacrifices, mantras, poojas, etc. that are offered to it.

On the third day these Purna-Kumbhas are carried to the idols of the Gods of the main temple to “charge” them with the spiritual energy. Once the God is charged (and becomes a murti – rather than an idol – which is more than a likeness of the god; it is the deity itself having taken “form”), that charge is transferred to the brass pots on top of the temple tower (Kalasam), which are “activated” by pouring spiritually-charged water over them (the actual meaning of “Kumbabishekam”). Kumbabhisegam has to be performed for every temple once in 12 years according to the agamas . That was imperative, impeccable and soul satisfying too. All the members of the CIT were present including Mr. Sriram, Chairman, Mr. Janakiraman, Vice Chairman, Mrs. Sridevi, Secretary, Dr. P.L.N. Ramesh, Principal, all HODs, faculty members and students gathered and made it a grand success. The Kumbabhisegam of ‘VIDHYA GANAPATHY’ temple has added one more feather on the cap of CIT. May God bless every individual a success in everything they do.

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