International Conference on Advances in Additive Manufacturing Technologies (ICAAMT 2023) will be held for the fourth time in Chennai. Mission of ICAAMT 2023 conference is to bridge the gap between academics and industry in the field of Technical Education. ICAAMT 2023will include oral, poster and tutorial sessions given by experts in state-of-the-art topics. The ICAAMT 2023Conference brings leading researchers from academia, R&D organizations and industries from various countries together under one roof and at one time, to discuss new opportunities.


Sessions explore innovative as well as revered technologies, research, development and optimization, workforce efficiency and productivity. Special emphasis is placed on expressing application trends, progress and future course of manufacturing technology. This Conference ICAAMT 2023 is planned to held once in two years, and will reflect the changing scenario in manufacturing and will provide the much-needed focus for future growth.


The conference will have plenary lectures followed by parallel sessions. Plenary lectures will be delivered by eminent personalities of repute to introduce the theme of the conference. Conference is to provide a platform to PG students, Researchers, Young aspiring Engineers & Academicians to present their research findings of their respective domains of knowledge and share ideas and views

Benefits to Students

The Outcome of the Conference (Materials characterization techniques on additive manufacturing) is that students will know the current trends available to manufacture the products with greater efficiency, time, and cost-saving. In addition to that, students will get the basic idea to resolve the industrial needs and research problems towards the betterment of society.

Objectives & Context

In recent years, additive manufacturing has wholly changed the manufacturing paradigm because it can create 3D parts with complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to obtain with traditional manufacturing processes. Among the various additive manufacturing technologies, wire plus arc additive manufacturing is suitable for producing large metal parts because it achieves a high deposition rate significantly more significantly than powder bed technology. Interest in wire plus arc additive manufacturing is growing steadily, and therefore considerable research work is currently underway. This Conference aims to outline the important achievements in wire plus arc additive manufacturing, focusing on process developments and variants that control the microstructure, mechanical properties, and defect generation of finished parts; the most relevant engineering materials used, and the primary deposition strategy is for maximum Minimize the effect of residual stress and post-treatment heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of parts. An important aspect that still stands in this technology is the certification and non-destructive testing of the components and is being discussed. Finally, the overall prospects for future development are put forward.

Benefits to Faculty

At the end of this Conference, the faculty members at research and academic will have an idea to define identify/define the research gap from available literature and problems associated with the industry. Also, they will know all process parameters that will come into the picture towards fabricated defect-free 3D components (net shaped-complicated structures) via wire plus arc additive manufacturing. Moreover, faculty members will be aware of the high-end characterization of metal additive components like EBSD, TEM, atom probe tomography, etc.

Expected Outcome & Impact on Academic

Expected Outcome: Expected Outcome: The content and demonstration about additive manufacturing by eminent speakers at various top-ranking institutes all over the country will help to the know what are current and advanced destructive and non-destructive tests are available to characterize the additively manufactured components via various Wire plus arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), etc. for the participants from multiple disciplines

Impact on Academic: This Conference will give basic needs and advantages of additive manufacturing technology which may lead to adding this as curriculum in the academic curriculum to the benefit of students and research scholars.

Expected Outcome & impact on Research

Expected Outcome: This Conference will give first-hand knowledge on fabrication, characterization which include mechanical, macro-micro, tribological performance (room and elevated temperature), fatigue behaviour of AM components and repair the pars as well. This will help the student, faculty, researchers and industries to solve their needs in current status associated with additive manufacturing technology.

Current Impact on Research: The manufacture of complex-shaped parts through WAAM has been well recognized in both Academia and industry. Several process options have recently been developed to optimize the microstructure and mechanical properties of finished parts. In addition, most of the more relevant engineering alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium have been used in WAAM with excellent results, proving the feasibility of this technology to produce customized large metal parts. One aspect that has not yet been researched concerns the possibility of using WAAM for repair applications. This could significantly reduce the costs associated with the need for a complete overhaul of a particular structural part since localized repairs can be performed using WAAM technology.

Keynote Speakers:

Keynote lectures will be delivered by experts in the field of additive manufacturing from IITs/NITs and research organizations.

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