Center for Energy (Solar & Wind) & Research

Center for Energy (Solar & Wind) & Research

About the Centre:

Center for Energy (Solar & Wind) & Research (CER) Since its inception in the year 2015 the New Energy lab aims to create awareness to students on New and Emerging Energy Technologies which is very much a need of the hour. Energy being an interdisciplinary subject involves diverse field of Science and Engineering and subsequently it is an opportunity to students to work together with the students of other department.
At Luban Workshop for New Energy various research activities are carried from the fundamental science to integrated energy technologies that can energize our lives. The field of energy research at CoE-New Energy Lab includes Solar PV-cell, Wind power, Fuel cell, Electrolyser and Batteries. The students are well equipped with these renewable and new technologies so as to have a holistic exposure on energy technologies.

Apart from experiment the students are trained on simulation Software like Matlab® and HOMER Pro® for energy modeling, optimization and management.


To be one of the top renewable energy research centers through innovation and technology transfer.


    • To endeavour for clean, practical and affordable energy solutions through research & development as well as demonstration & commercialization
    • To create awareness about the uses green energy technologies among the public
    • To promote the installation of power plants based on renewable energy sources for energy security
    • To promote the energy conservation measures for efficient use of energy resource

Our center for energy research team members as follows;

1. Dr.P.Partheeban
2. Dr.J.Vishnupriyan
3. Dr.A.Dhanasekaran
4. Dr.K.L.Vincent Joseph
5. Dr.M.Ettappan
6. Dr.G.Maheswaran
7. Dr.N.Baskar

Research Area

– Renewable Energy
– Demand Management
– Energy Convention and Management
– Green Bricks
– Sustainable Cities and society
– Applied Energy
– Electric Vehicles
– Power Engineering and Management
– Energy Storage

Ongoing Funded Projects

S. No Description
1 DST Sponsored under Solar Project Scheme, Design and fabrication of Hybrid Solar-LPG based dryer for Geopolymer Bricks- Rs. 49.55 Lakhs
2 Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology Sponsored Research Science and Technology Project on Underground Water Quality Monitoring due to Pumping of Water by Tanker using GIS and wireless Sensor Network Technology, Rs. 4.35 Lakhs, Two years, March 2021.
3 DST Sponsored Geospatial Technology Summer/Winter School on Smart City Traffic and Transportation Planning, Rs. 11 Lakhs. March 2021.
4 NLC-Anna University Sponsored project on Development of Eco-Friendly Geopolymer-Ash based Green bricks using Solar Heating, Rs. 22.5 lakhs.





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