Information Technology


In the world of technology, the human life will be incomplete without the role of Information Technology. Information Technology at CIT is interdisciplinary. It was inaugurated in the year 2019. Here we empower students with the tools and ideas that can be applied anywhere both in college and beyond. We aim at molding the students into highly qualified technocrats and to make them good citizens of our nation to serve the industry and society.

The department has a heartfelt team of dedicated faculty members with a sound knowledge in various areas and it has the state-of-art facilities for various laboratories and supports smart class learning.


The Department envisions to become a Center of Excellence in Information Technology with a strong teaching and research  environment that produces competent graduates and to inculcate traits to make them not only good professionals but also kind, committed and socially oriented human beings.


  • To make the students competitive and efficient in technical field through technological transformations’ in Information Technology, by providing them advanced curriculum, infrastructure and nurturing human values.
  • To provide an excellent forum for higher studies that leads to careers as Computer and IT professionals in the widely diversified domains of industry, government and academia.


Program Educational Objectives

Graduates will be able to

PEO Program Educational Objectives
PEO1 Contribute to the industry as an Engineer through sound knowledge acquired in core engineering to develop new processes and implement the solutions for industrial problems.
PEO2 Establish an organization / industry as an Entrepreneur with professionalism, leadership quality, teamwork, and ethical values to meet the societal needs.
PEO3 Create a better future by pursuing higher education / research and develop the sustainable products / solutions to meet the demand.

Program Specific Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

PSO Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1 Analyze, design and develop solutions in the areas of Business Process Management to build the quality products for industry and social needs.
PSO2 Innovate ideas and solutions for real time problems in the field of Cyber Security and Mobile applications by adapting the emerging technologies and tools.