Biogas Plant


There are regular waste disposal problems in almost all Institutions like hostels, hospitals, convents, old age-homes, etc. where more peoples are staying together. In the same time the cooking fuel consumption of these Institutions is also very high. Fairly large quantities of firewood and other cooking fuels are consumed for routine cooking purposes.

Biogas production kills two birds with one stone: It reduces waste and produces energy. In addition, the residues from the digestion process can be used as high quality fertilizer. This closes the nutrient cycle. By understanding the today’s need of saving of energy, CIT taken an initiative & sets up Bio-Gas plant to process canteen waste.

The canteen caters to more than 1500 students daily and generates over 75 kg of solid and semi-solid waste, in the form of left-over food and remains of vegetables and fruits. It was a tedious task to pack the huge amount of waste in polythene bags and hand them over to the civic body almost daily. It is now easy to dump this waste & processed at the biogas plant after some segregation.

The biogas plant aims at addressing the issue of disposal of waste from the canteen and other parts of the campus in an eco-friendly manner.


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