Arusuvai Food Court

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Food court

There are food outlets and cafes open 12 to 15 hours a day, offering fast-food, pastries, juice and ice cream. Arusuvai food court is an exclusive canteen is inside the campus offering tasty and hygienic food. In order to cater all the students from different parts of India and abroad, South Indian, North Indian and Chinese dishes are offered.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available in the canteen to suit the diverse tastes of the students. The mode of serving inside the canteen is self service. Food, beverages, snacks, stationeries, and all products of basic necessity are available inside the campus itself. Relishing items such as sweets, savories, bakery items and desserts are also provided in the canteen. The food in the canteen is available at reasonable and affordable cost. Besides, a Suggestion Box is kept at a prominent place for the students to address their concern.

Meat & Eat

Meat & Eat is also available in our campus which is a farm to fork Indian chain of quick service (QSR) serving fresh and hygienic veg & non-veg fast food options to the students. A well-trained team handles the kitchen which produces heat/fry-and-serve products every day.

Café Coffee Day(CCD)

Inside our campus operates highly optimized and vertically integrated coffee business provides a smart, simple space that they could call their own for a while, sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings or even have a lot of fun, all over steaming cups of coffee. It has a menu that’s expanded to offer more niche methods of coffee brewing, exotic teas, elements of mixology), and international cuisine to satisfy any kind of craving.

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