Green Initiatives

The institution has a very picturesque and serene atmosphere. It is located at the outskirts of the city. CIT campus is a best mixture of culture and innovation. It provides a flawless learning experience to the student community and cultivates discipline among them. Smart class rooms, state-of-the-art Laboratories, Central Library, Transport, Hostel, ATM, High speed Wi-Fi Connectivity are few of the marked features that make CIT aloof. The campus is enclaved with black-topped, well-lit roads.


The staff members and the students’ society are invited to come by bicycle. Both cars are parked close to the campus entrance to minimize noise and air emissions. The battery-operated car is used by travelers to showcase campus facilities.

Public Transport

CIT motivated all faculty members to use the public transit system provided by the university. This offers the faculty and students the convenience of hitting college on time, and vice versa. It also supports the country and community by reducing fuel consumption and ensuring convenience.

Pedestrian Friendly Roads

The Chennai Institute of Technology is dedicated to the welfare of staff, students and tourists. It ensures well-loaded pedestrians for the safe movement of people every day.

Plastic-free campus

The campus is free from plastic. The paper-based cups are used in the canteen to serve refreshments, coffee and tea. The CIT ECO club was founded with the goal of building environmental consciousness and minimizing the use of plastics.

Paperless office

CIT maintains that the faculty should not use unnecessary paperwork on their regular use. Various counter steps are also taken, such as sending official messages and updates via e-mails, whatsApp, etc.

Green landscaping with trees and plants

The institute is a green campus, tropical, serene, with a landscape. Students and staff are urged to plant more trees to clear the campus of litter and plastic. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is being pursued at our college to keep the campus safe. Tree plantation projects help to foster the eco-friendly climate, which provides pure oxygen inside the institute and recognition among villagers. Lighting and ventilation in classrooms are sufficient provided the availability of natural light and air velocity. The amount of noise on campus is well below the limit, i.e. less than 50 dB during the day. The construction of solar panels, the paperless working system and composting activities are noteworthy.College transit services are used by public transport. Students living around college use bicycles or walk to college.The College teaches the student about Carbon Offsets, Carbon Neutrality in the area of Environmental Studies in the programmes. The problem of test certificates is mandatory for vehicles on campus. Tobacco goods are specifically forbidden within two kilometers of the school. The fireplace in the kitchen creates gas and other carbon emissions. Regular washing means that the carbon is neutral.


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