Sino India Luban Workshop

Lu Ban is a Chinese outstanding craftsman and inventor of the Spring and Autumn warring state period, who had invented a large amount of tools with his elaborate skills and assiduous study. He is known as the ancestor of Chinese civil craftsmen, representing the great wisdom of working people of the world. The Indian Lu Ban workshop is established on the image of Lu Ban, and inherits his spirit of persistence, preciseness, constantly improving, dedication, faithfulness and innovation. It shares with India the excellent vocational skills and cultures of Tianjin National Modern Vocational Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone, and builds the bridge of the conversation and the communication between Tianjin Vocational Education with India.

Guided by the five development notions of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Share” and based on the international development theory of “Service, Cooperation and Share”, Indian Lu Ban Workshop makes efforts to perform international cooperation and communication of vocational education between China and India according to the reality of Chinese and Indian International development of vocational education.

Indian Lu Ban Workshop is established by Chennai Institute of Technology(CIT), Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College(TLIVTC), Tianjin Vocational College of Mechanics and Electricity(TVCME) along with Industrial Partners such as DMTG, Tianhuang Science and Technology Co.Ltd, Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co.Ltd and Tianjin Shenga Science & Technology Co. Ltd. ,Based on the China National Teaching Achievement Special Award – “Engineering Practice and Innovation Project”, the workshop is dedicated to cultivating students professional quality, comprehensive practical ability and creativity in 4 major areas, NC Machines, New Energy, Robotics and Automation, Additive manufacturing, which meet the requirements of the Indian Economy and Social development.

The scope of this workshop is not limited to vocational training but to wide areas of educational & Industrial research and International competitions

Admission 2024