Research Center – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chennai Institute of Technology is the approved research centre under Centre for Research, Anna University since 2017. Totally seven research scholars have completed their doctoral degree under this centre and 30 research scholars are pursuing doctoral research. Department of Mechanical Engineering nurtures research culture not only among the faculty and researcher scholar but also for students. This research culture is being supported by our centre of excellence such as Centre for Applied Research, Digital Manufacturing and 3D printing lab, Kuka Robotics centre, Industrial Automation and Robotics Centre, New energy and CNC matching centre. Computational facilities are available with 60 high configuration computers and Research versions of Software ANSYS, ABAQUS, TOSCA, iSight, FeSafe, NxCAE.

List of Recognized Supervisors

S.No Supervisor Designation Specialization
1 Dr.A.Ramesh
Principal & Professor Metal Casting, Composite Materials, Tribology
2 Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu
Professor Thermal / Energy
3. Dr. V. Dhinakaran
Professor Additive Manufacturing, Welding, Computational Mechanics
4. Dr.P.Gurusamy
Professor Composite Materials
5 Dr.S.Ravi
Professor Manufacturing
6 Dr. Ezilarasan C
Professor Machining of Super Alloys and Composite, Material Characterization, Optimization of Parameters
7. Dr. V.Mohanavel
Assistant professor Manufacturing and Composite Materials

List of Scholars pursuing PhD (Anna University) in the research Centre

S.No Name of the Scholar Register No. Supervisor
1 P.Santhanakrishnan 11210331087 Dr.A.Ramesh
2 K R Sakthivel 71110331058
3 Kayalvizhi S 1522499259 Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu
4 Yuwaraj K R 19172997179
5. Allwinson Paul G 20142991225
6. Sadasivan N 16152997210
7. Somasundaram S 2011172056
8. Balajikrishnabharathi A 19142997197
9. Karthikeyan K 20122991212
10. Sankaramoorthy T 20142991201
11. Suresh A 18122997124
12. Vinayagamoorthy M 19132997153 Dr. V. Dhinakaran
13. Saravanan H 19142597172
14. Ranjith Kumar R 17132597314
15. Gopikrishnan C 1614259230
16. N.Velmurugan 1513299775 Dr.S.Ravi
17. B Yokesh Kumar 1614299213 Dr Sevvel

List of Scholars Provisionally Selected for PhD (2020)

S.No Name of the Scholar Supervisor
1 T N Suresh kumar Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu
2 R Kishore kumar Dr. V. Dhinakaran
3 R P Diwakar Raviram
4 Udhaya kumar
5. S Tirupathi Raja Dr.P.Gurusamy
6 S Harikrishan
7. J Lokesh kumar
8. S Suresh Kumar Dr. V.Mohanavel

List of Scholars pursuing PhD (Other University) in the research Centre

S.No Name of the Scholar University Co Supervisor
1 S Sivaraj Annamalai University V.Dhinakaran
2 G K Kannan Annamalai University V.Dhinakaran
3 K Krishna Kumar Veltech University Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu
4 N Vinoth VIT University Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu

List of Scholars completed PhD in the research Centre

S.No Name of the Scholar Title Supervisor/Co Supervisor Year
1 V.Shankar Investigation on Effects of Ageing Procedure on the Microstructure and Mechanical Characteristics of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys Dr.S.Muthu 2017
2 M.Meignanamoorthy Experimental Investigations on Properties of Boron Carbide Reinforced AA8079Matrix Composites prepared by Powder Metallurgy Technique Dr.V.Dhinakaran 2019
3. Alagarsamy S V Experimental Investigation on Properties and Machinability of Titanium Dioxide Reinforced AA7075 Matrix Composites Dr.V.Dhinakaran 2019
4. S Dinesh kumar Investigation on Properties and Machining Behaviour of Zirconium Diboride Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites Dr.V.Dhinakaran 2019
5. Gayathri N Enhancing the life and efficiency of Turbo engines by optimizing the design of turbine blades by using nano composite coating and validation using CFD Analysis Dr.B.R.Ramesh Bapu 2019
6. Sathish Kumar P Investigation of A356-SiC-Gr Hybrid Composites Fabricated by Stir Cum Squeeze Casting Process Dr.A.Ramesh 2020
7 T. Hariprasad Development and Characterization of Aluminium Hybrid Composites Dr.S.Ravi 2020


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