IIT Bombay Remote Center

IIT Bombay Remote Center (ID: 1502)

An important initiative has been taken by IIT Bombay to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects. This initiative is a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, supported by MHRD.

CIT has been recognized as the Remote center for IITB (Center ID is: 1502) , being responsible for Coordinating the workshops, seminars, Live lectures organized by IIT Bombay, Taking care of common logistics arrangements such as classroom, audio-visual equipment, A-View Coordination, etc..,

Live online courses/workshops certified by IIT Bombay are delivered by IIT faculty members. Video streamed workshops are well complimented by practical open discussion hands-on-sessions (both Tutorials and Labs). The workshops are intended to enhance the technical skills as well as knowledge of both educators and students to meet the quality standards as demanded by industry, research & academia.

Prof. R.Ramesh (CSE) is the Remote Center Coordinator (RCC) & Prof. K.Kirubashankar, Assistant Prof. (CSE) is the A-VIEW Coordinator (AVC) at CIT.

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