VIP Testimonials

VIP Testimonials

  • Mr. Siva Natarajan

    “For an Industry, Certification is an endorsement of what you learnt. Your skills will actually showcase who you are.”

  • Mr.Sarada Prasanna Satapathy

    “Industry is expecting more from young engineers. You should be on your toes to learn new technology”

  • Ms. Kanchan Khedkar

    “Industry expects the young professionals to be good in technology as well as excellent in communication”

  • Mr. Thiagarajan Duraisamy

    “Pega is All-in-One Platform. If you excel in it, opportunities across the globe is so huge”

  • Mr. Chandan Govindarajulu

    “Your ability to communicate & being curious to know new concepts make you a better employee in an organization”

  • Mr. Kumar Boopathy

    “Always try to know the technology, explore the technology. You will be comfortable in delivering yourself”

  • Dr.R.Subramani

    “There are sparks of brilliance across the country, we just have to connect them”

  • Dr.S.Subramani

    “Be passionate to learn something. We should be so unique & so passionate to become a successful person”

  • Mr.Velumurugan

    “Myth is against research. If you keep reinforcing an idea, It’ll become the truth”

  • Ms.S.Vaijayanthi

    “Gender diversity is must have rather than nice to have”

  • Mr.P.Kanniappan

    “You should be proud that you are young because India is in front of growth in the economy now”

  • Mr.K.Kannan

    “Be ready to face your tough times, It will make you shine in your career”

  • Mr. Senkathir Selvan

    “Ability for the human brain to process the data cannot be replaced”

  • Mr.P.Ranjith Kumar

    “Having a holistic approach, articulate your business values”

  • Mr.R.Subramaniyan

    “First look at your opportunities as a consumer, not as an engineer”

  • Mr.D.Rajendran

    “Squeeze the last lemon drop to optimize your work”

  • Prof.Dr.Kazuaki Tanaka

    “Youngsters are in demand for R&D of the embedded system”

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