CIT’s Alumni Association

The mission of CIT’s Alumni Association is to provide a vibrant, global network and forum that connects and engages all Alumni with us in mutually beneficial and actionable ways. The objectives of the Association are:

  • Facilitate the association of alumni with their Alma Mater by promoting interaction and networking among alumni of the institute;
  • Contribute to the institute’s vision of creating leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication;
  • Collaborate with us for facilitating and supporting selected alumni participation in ongoing academic activities including teaching, research, workshops, conference events, placements and FDPs;
  • Champion all relevant fundraising activities, including the Development of an Alumni Fund and mentorship scheme for our student and alumni ventures and innovations that benefits all parties;
  • Help alumni achieve their professional and societal goals and help them in their hour of need;
  • Promote best practices in different areas of marketing and communication for the benefit of the society, especially the weaker sections;
  • Create public awareness about the institute and its alumni.

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