International Affairs

The International Relations Office, Chennai Institute of Technology strives to establish partnerships with a large number of universities across the globe. Chennai Institute of Technology has signed MOUs with a few good reputed universities across the globe and many more are to follow.


To touch the life of student by providing them access to global learning so that they can acquire the skill, knowledge and competence to face the industrial world


For students to have access to global learning, the International Relations Office will make efforts to

  • Establish relationship with foreign universities for student’s exchange
  • Draft and negotiate international cooperation agreements
  • Facilitate students to proceed go to our partner universities to do project works/ internships/ research works in partner institutes
  • Motivate students to participate in International Hackathons
  • Assist students from partner universities who visits CIT
  • Facilitate faculty exchange, both ways
  • Disseminate information to students on all international programs

Core Values

At Chennai Institute of Technology, the International Relations Office strives to

  • Engage students beyond geographical boundaries
  • Expose students to international research labs
  • Enable students to be tomorrow’s industrial leaders
  • Explore students to cultural diversity

Scheme of Things

The International Relations Office makes efforts to

  • Have as many partnerships as possible with reputed universities across the globe
  • Send as many students as possible to international universities for their internships/ project works/ furthering their research works/ present papers in reputed conferences/ participate in international technical competitions and hackathons
  • Facilitate universities from foreign countries to act as co-guides to select few students’ projects
  • Invite students from other countries to do their project works/ research works at Chennai Institute of Technology
  • Organize joint conferences and workshops with partner universities
  • Arrange for online seminars
  • Facilitate students to do their Higher Education in Foreign Countries
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