Vision & Mission


To create a platform for the budding engineers to work on the research and technology in field of biomedical engineering for the betterment of the society to make the next generation better.


  • To provide strong fundamentals and technical skills through effective teaching learning Methodologies.
  • To transform lives of the students by fostering ethical values, creativity and innovation to become Entrepreneurs and establish Start-ups.
  • To habituate the students to focus on sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life and welfare of the society.
  • To provide an ambience for research through collaborations with industry and academia
  • To inculcate learning of emerging technologies for pursuing higher studies leading to lifelong learning.


Program Educational Objectives

Graduates will be able to

PEO Program Educational Objectives
PEO1 ­­Contribute to the industry as an Engineer through sound knowledge acquired in core engineering to develop new processes and implement the solutions for industrial problems.
PEO2 Establish an organization / industry as an Entrepreneur with professionalism, leadership quality, teamwork and ethical values to meet the societal needs.
PEO3 Create a better future by pursuing higher education / research and develop the sustainable products / solutions to meet the demand

Program Specific Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

PSO Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1 To design and build diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that decrease physician fatigue and improve end-user quality of life using Biomedical engineering principles.
PSO2 To apply software skills to create algorithms for solving healthcare-related challenges in a variety of disciplines within the medical industry.
Research & Innovation