Guest Lecture – CSE

Company Name Company Sector Status Designation Name Date Of Lecture No  Of Students Attended
DELL TECHNOLOGIES IT Private Manager Murugappan 23/10/2018 117
INFOSYS IT Private Technology Analyst Karthick K 18/5/2020 120
HCL TECHNOLOGIES IT Private Technical Head Sankar G 18/5/2020 115
ASG TECHNOLOGIES IT Private Security Analyst Aravind Raj K 18/5/2020 119
TATA COMMUNICATION IT Private Software Developer Kedari Gowri B 19/5/2020 117
SS INFORMATION SYSTEMS PVT LTD Engineering Private Director Purusothaman 11/8/2018 110
INFOSYS IT Private Technical Manager Eswaranarayan 2/2/2019 117
CISCO SYSTEMS IT Private Senior Technical Manager Chockalingam 8/2/2019 117
CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCED COMPUTING Education Govt Senior Engineer Vijayakumar 19/7/2019 110
IBM IT Private Data Analytic Lead Bennet Prabhu 7/11/2019 117
ABB CORPORATE RESEARCH Others Private Group Manager Sudharshan S D 4/1/2020 122
PRINCE SULTAN UNIVERSITY Education Private Professor Uma Shankar Subramaniyam 5/2/2020 117
IBM IT Private Application Developer Varun Kumar 6/3/2020 115
LINARO IT Private Tech Lead Ganesh Raju 6/6/2020 116
GOFRUGAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Others Private CEO Kumar Vembu 10/6/2020 115
ASTRAL INFO PRIVATE LIMITED IT Private Director Anshuman K 11/5/2020 119

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