These are meant to provide an industry exposure to students. The first is a 4-week summer internship between their first year and second year followed by a longer 12-week project-internship in the final semester. CIT has consistently been a destination of choice for leading firms who offer internships.

Students take up internships in a variety of sectors – Manufacturing, FMCG, Analytics, IT, and Government Institutions. Such industrial exposure provides students with adequate exposure in tackling real life problems encountered in the working of an organization. The companies also gain from the fresh perspective and inputs of the students

Summer Internship:

8 weeks after the first year of the program.
Normal period – June/July.

It is desirable that students are given an opportunity to experience the concepts learnt in the first year, take up meaningful assignments to apply these concepts, get an opportunity to do critical thinking and generate ideas that can be considered for implementation. The outcome will be an internship report that will be shared with the company and the institution.

Project Internship:

12 weeks during the fourth semester.
Normal period – March to May.

The students can be assigned areas with either a need for improvement or a problem that needs to be resolved. Ideally, this should incorporate a data-oriented approach and meet the requirements of a systematic research. The objective is to outline a solution for consideration by the company. The outcome will also include a project report to the company and the Institution.

List of Students underwent Internship
CSE ECE EEE Mech Mechatronics Civil

Research & Innovation