ISTJ :: Engineering

Vol. : 1 :: Issue : 1 :: Year : 2015

Volume 1 :: Issue 1 | 2015 Issue

Editor-In-Chief: Dr.A.Sivabalan,
                               Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, CIT

Year: 2015

Frequency : 4 Issues/Year

Release date: August 3, 2015

Secured Authentication in MANETs N. Rajesh1*, K. Madhavan2, R. Vinoth3    
Authenticated Dynamic Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network P. Ramachandran *1, V. Muthukumar 2, S. Aarthi 3
Digital Image of Face Searching and Matching Using Pair Wise AlignmentG. Appasami*1, R. Ezumalai 2
Document Clustering Using Modified Neural Network Algorithms ANS Similarity MeasureK. Selvi*1, R.M. Suresh 2
Better Access Control in Cloud Using Adaptive Identity Technique P.Ramachandran,*1, M.Rajeswari,2, M.Yuvapprriya 3
Carpooling System: Analysis of Various Techniques for Fair Scheduling and Trust Management K.Vijay,*1, R.Vijayakumar,2, K.R.Sowmia 3

First published in 2015, the ISTJ explores cutting-edge developments in medical, computer science and engineering. All aspects of computers and their applications are covered, including cyber and network security, parallel and distributed computing systems, data mining, image processing, wireless and mobile networking and communications, game design, multimedia systems, language processing, and human-computer interaction. It appears quarterly.

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